Arthur Brongniart 24 years old arthur [at] brongniart [dot] me


  • Engineer student  at  Esial  in  Nancy 2010 - 2014
    computer science school, software engineering section.
  • Intensive training course  at  Henri Wallon  in  Valenciennes 2008 - 2010
    preparing for french "Grandes Ecoles", Math and Physic section, computer science option.


  • Torrent media player inside the browser  in  Hola 2014(3 months)
    I work on the front of the app. All communications in English.
  • 3d Home design app  in  Wanadev 2014(6 months)
    I did several math / webGL related features. Really cool project, I was let free to implement awesome stuffs.
  • Online UML diagram editor  in  Prometheus 2013(5 months)
    An academic project, my team and I conduct a project for an external company. The web app is based on AngularJs, uses websokect to ensure the collaboration between users.
  • Project management web app  in  VersysMind 2013(6 months)
    As a trainee I Implemented new features, optimized JS performances, put a lot of efforts on ergonomic aspects.
  • Html5 Turing engine game  in  INRIA 2012(5 months)
    As employe of my school Junior Company, I developed a game which exposes the research of the team on the 2D Turing Engine. Lots of interactivity, performance was a critical issue.
  • Historical map editor web app  in  CVCE 2012(5 months)
    An academic project, we made an ambitious prototype of a map editor. Store the map's atomic components in a mongoDB, arrange them into a map and style them with a css - like language. The app is based on backbone and uses Leaflet.
  • Interactive stories editor  in  Encre Nomade 2012(3 months)
    As a trainee, I improved the editor of the html5 based stories. I proposed and added new features, prototyped a game engine.


JavaScriptTest Driven DevThreeJsMath & PhyContinuous IntegrationbackbonehtmljQueryPencil drawingWebGL.cssDesignNodebrowsersifyFlashAngularErgonomyRequirejsnodeApp EnginepythonGruntGulpUnixHeroku
  • IT skills
    • Front Solid experiences in Js. Use of various framework.
    • 3D Good capacities in 3d Geometry, especially in 3d rendering problematics. Good knowledge on WebGL.
    • Good practices Code quality, TDD, CI, code convention ... are good thing to work with.
  • Languages
    • English Advanced level TOEIC graduated with a 915 score.
    • French Native language


  • Video game
    • Play them I feel like a changement since technology is no longer a criteria and everybody can make something out of his idea, I like this.
    • Make them I did some game jam events and some personal projects.
  • Drawing
    You think it's cool?
    Click me if you want real fun