Lieutenant Steve, keeper of the grammar, proud of the chapter, you are summoned.

The forge world Cassandre is about to fall.

You will be sent to the battlefield as soon as you receive this order.

We got a goblin issue over here.

Those ones are all we always fought against: their grammar is heretic and their orthographe a insult against the holy dictionary.

Thousand of them are reported to be converging by the hill. We need you to hold this hill.

Each goblin will come shouting a sentence in their primitive dialect. You will have to teach them how to properly communicate, but they understand one only way.

Bullet ! Warm and loud that's how they love them.

With the divine furry and assisted by your holy bolter, you will have to correct them by typing it on your keyboard. Make it quick or you will be over numbered.

Remember that your bolter has not unlimited ammo. You will need to reload it by pressing the requested key when the indication to do so pops up.

-Type on your keyboard the correct form of the sentence.
-Backward key is enable.
-Press * or ! when you need to reload.
Ours technopriests have retrieve an elder artifact, a box of clipboard. They seem to have developed psycher abilities.

The crusader mother ship will stay on low orbital. So you can at anytime request an orbital strike of clipboard filled shell by pressing the key 1. This will help you to detect weakness in your opponent.

-Pressing 1 release an usefull help
Do not forget to put your faith in the divine Grammar.

In the darkests moments, implore his name, he may be clement enough to guide you and apply his will by yourself.

By pressing the key 2, you let him use you as an instrument of his rage. Do not think of what you are typing, just let him control your shots.

-Pressing 2 granted you temporary buff
-Each bonus can be reload by pressing the respective key.